about us

Von Shan Productions is an independent media production company founded by Adam T. Bernard. The production’s main focus is on universal stories and creative formats that are adapted for the changing entertainment landscape.

Adam T. Bernard向禾山 created the animated series Road of Vengeance, a sword and sorcery action-adventure animated series set in an alternate universe of Asian mythology, based on his experience living in Taiwan and Japan.

The story features Guan, an amnesiac warrior from the West who becomes the protector of Rika, a young female warrior of the East. Guan and Rika fight the evil necromancer Wei-Han, his undead army, the magical monsters he creates and the demon ninja-clan he enlists to hunt them down.

Adam draws from his American and western heritage of painting and mixed media while combining it with his years of study in Taiwan and Japan. Adam walks his own path, or as he once wrote in his calligraphy, “following in the footsteps of the ancients, I must go beyond their words and deeds 循古人步越古書言“

Contact: info@vonshanproductions.com